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Unbiased, Transparent & Innovative

Discerning individuals, affluent families and successful businesses often require a team of best in class financial planning professionals who possess a high degree of sophistication and financial literacy.  An expert consortium that can work as a cohesive unit across multiple disciplines to develop and offer comprehensive solutions which are skillfully engineered to address the complex financial dilemmas that accompany success. 

For nearly two decades, SJB Financial has aligned with our institutional partners and high-net-worth clientele to implement advanced planning concepts which are risk-averse and more tax-advantaged, while providing unparalleled attention to customer service, unbiased guidance, transparency and a wide choice of innovative strategies, products and services that will optimize the opportunities to create, enhance and preserve wealth.


SJB Financial is a client centric, advanced planning firm. Our consortium of expert consultants provide sophisticated business, finance, tax, income, retirement, insurance and risk management solutions to meet the diverse financial planning, legacy planning and succession planning needs of high-net-worth individuals, affluent families and successful businesses.

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Individual Planning

Billionaire investor, Warren Buffett said "you can sit in the shade tomorrow because of the tree you planted today."  At SJB Financial, we can help solidify your tomorrow by planning today. No matter where you are on your financial journey, we endevour to come along with the financial literacy and resources you need to establish a solid foundation for success and longevity. From managing your daily finances to saving for college or retirement, a risk-averse approach to long-term financial planning will keep you on the road to financial independence, so you can live the way you want to live, for the rest of your life.

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Business Planning

With the ever-changing tax codes and post 2008 corporate reform, cost, complexity, compliance, and reporting has increased the need for more advanced business planning structures and procedures that are more efficient from both a cost and benefit aspect. As a multi-disciplinary professional services firm, our team of finance, legal, and risk management experts can help provide enhanced solutions to small business principally. Our professional business consultants work with business owners to implement more tax effective processes to create and increase enterprise value by planning around the 4 key drivers: ReturnsGrowth, Risk and Exit

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Wealth & Retirement

Creating wealth requires focus, opportunity, discipline and sound financial planning. Managing wealth requires mastery of financial literacy. Sustaining wealth requires proper risk management to mitigate the corrosive impact of taxes, volatility and inflation. Combining time-tested and proven capital accumulation / capital preservation strategies with institutional grade analysis, tools and resources, enables you build long-term profitability. At SJB Financial, we believe these are the core principles for affluence and the cornerstone of our client centric services for wealth creation, wealth preservation and a lifetime retirement income.

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You've worked hard to accumulate assets for your family and to provide them with security and a higher quality of life. So as you mature in both your personal and professional life, your financial planning ultimately shifts to preserving your wealth for future generations. Without advanced estate planning or proper risk management, much of your hard earned assets could end up in the hands of the IRS, other state and federal taxing authorities, or even creditors. Let our risk analysis team help you manage the risks associated with life and finances by surrounding you, your family or your business with the protection you need to ensure the preservation of your assets and the quality of life you want for your family.

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Market Summary

Tax Planning

Income Tax and Estate Tax can disrupt cash flow and instantly extinguish wealth. A large portion of your capital, investment income, retirement benefits, estate or other assets can be impacted and consumed by taxes. At the core of sound financial planning, there is proper attention to tax planning. At SJB Financial, our team of LLM tax experts, can help you mitigate your tax exposure in an intelligent and responsible manner. Simply put, we're confident we can help you preserve and fortify more of your assets and your legacy, through proper tax planning. 

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Retirement & Income Solutions

An optimal retirement or income strategy should be engineered to provide income for life. Securing a lifetime income stream can only be achieved by successfully minimizing the crippling impact of taxes and volatility on your retirement and investment income. By mitigating your tax exposure and protecting against volatility, you can keep more of the money you need, in order to live the way you want to live, for the rest of your life.    

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Wealth Creation & Preservation

Most discerning individuals know the key to growing and preserving wealth is the responsible and intelligent mitigation of taxes, volatility and inflation. These three factors are the primary cause of wealth dilution. Using a risk-averse approach along with time-tested preservation strategies for capital accumulation, can help minimize the impact of these negative and destructive forces. This enables you to realistically achieve and sustain predictable growth with long-term profitability.  

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