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Business Owners & Corporations


SJB Financial is a specialized financial services firm. Our team of tax, legal, banking, finance, insurance and risk management professionals operate as a cohesive planning team, across multiple disciplines to deliver enhanced solutions which are more practical, efficient, risk-averse and tax-advantaged. We help business owners and companies optimize liquidity and enterprise value. Far too often, businesses and owners work hard, but fail to produce optimal returns. As a result, they are typically overworked, dissatisfied and unable to turn their business into the scalable wealth creation vehicles they intended. Our business consultants specialize and focus on the three metrics that drive and affect enterprise value: returns, growth & risk management. 

Business Exit & Succession Planning

At some point, every business owner would like to retire or sell their business to a next generation family member, key employee or outside third party. However, only a fortunate few are able to do so, as statistics indicate only 4% of business owners in the United States are able to sell their companies and many are unable to retire on their terms. This is when a superior "Exit" plan can make all the difference. 

Most successful businesses have a certain amount of goodwill (intrinsic) value that lays dormant. And every business owner would love to monetize that dormant value if they could? Our business planning team works with business owners and their professional advisors to capture and optimize that goodwill value and use it in a more tax effective manner to create more enterprise value/capital which can be used to accomplish the following:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Strategically position the business so it can be sold more readily at a future date
  • Fund exit strategy from the business
  • Fully fund retirement
  • Fully fund Buy/Sell and other partnership agreements
  • Fund & provide meaningful benefits to retain, reward and incentivize key employees
  • Provide key employee(s) with a more practical way to buy into the business (path to partnership)
  • Add a layer of asset protection to safeguard the business from future lawsuits, claims and creditors
  • Achieve all the above while containing cost to the company and the business owner 

Executive & Employee Benefits

Most business owners and corporations understand the critical role that employees play in the growth and success of their business. Employers of all types and size share many of the same objectives when it comes to providing employee benefit programs that will help attract, reward and retain key employees. However, employers are typically faced with the dilemma of how to offer their key employees meaningful benefits while containing costs at the same time? Often, employers find it extremely difficult to save the company money without cutting benefits.

For employers seeking to institute a high quality employee benefit program or upgrade an existing plan, SJB Financial can offer a variety of options that are customized to deliver more benefits in order to meet and exceed the needs of both the employer and the employee, while mitigating the costs typically associated with program implementation, administration and management. Our professional retirement and benefit programs are more efficient and more robust so there is no need for unnecessary compromise or sacrifice on the part of the employers or the employees due to cost.


Business Capitalization

Most businesses are often in need of additional capital. Thus, business finance and equity analysis, should be two of the principal decision making tools of business owners, when making decisions about various aspects of the enterprise, that can impact cash flow and profitability. This can contribute to the possibility of securing capital or financing, that would otherwise go unrealized.

Although most business owners understand the operational aspects of their business, a common challenge is they may lack professional expertise with respect to the equity analysis and business finance side of the equation. Modern business owners and executives seek confidence that their investments of time and money are properly allocated for maximum return on investment.

This is where our expert business analysts can help. We can provide business owners with peace of mind that their interests are protected and their risks are understood and acceptable. Enterprise value is predicated on returns, growth and risk. At SJB Financial, our expert team of business consultants can help owners enhance both sides of the balance sheet.

We provide expert assistance in the following areas:

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